It is definitely Fall in New Harmony.  The trees around town are brilliant shades of red, yellow, and orange.  Travelers are coming from near and far to enjoy the cool weather as they roam around town from store to store, stopping to eat and drink at one of the restaurants or bars.  In New Harmony, Indiana, time seems to slow down in October.  The Patrice family takes the opportunity to gather their family every year in October to New Harmony.  Albert and Suzanne raised their 3 children in Posey County.  Now grown, their children, all live in other states.  One as far as Maryland. Over time it became way to difficult to get all the family together during Thanksgiving and Christmas, so many years ago they decided to have their own family reunion in October, before the busy-ness of the holidays arrived.  This tradition has been successful for the past 10+ years and the family hopes to continue the tradition for several more.

It makes you stop and think, doesn’t it?  For the Patrice family, the time of year that they gather together as a family isn’t important.  The importance is that they ARE together.  Their time isn’t built around food and presents (although they do enjoy the restaurants in town!).  Albert and Suzanne are enjoying their time with their children and now, grandchildren.  The activities that they do together ranges from walking the labyrinth to visiting the Antheneum to taking one of the town tours.  Sure, Albert and Suzanne and their children have done this several times, but their grandchildren have not.  Tradition is slowly growing for their grandchildren, and hopefully also a love for the town of New Harmony.

Any time of year is a perfect time to gather the family one more time.  As you start to plan your next reunion keep the town of New Harmony in your plans.  You can start your planning on the Visit New Harmony website.

-Leah Dugan