Wedding and Reception at The Granary in New Harmony, Indiana

Shayna and Ricky were newly engaged and searching for the perfect place for their wedding ceremony and reception.  For financial reasons they were wanting to have both the wedding ceremony and the reception in the same place.  They had looked at several different venues before settling on the Granary in New Harmony.  When asked why they chose the Granary, Shayna laughed and said, “The Granary was the one place we could both agree on.  It fit our vision of what we wanted for our wedding day and the cost just worked for us.”

Many engaged couples stand in Shayna and Ricky’s shoes every year.  All the aspects of a wedding can get expensive, so the chance to cut down on expenses is very appealing.

Shayna and Ricky said that their top 6 reasons of why they chose to have their wedding and reception at the Granary were:

  1. The Granary is the prettiest venue and requires very little decorating.
  2. The Granary has a beautiful, vintage look that holds a rustic charm, but is also elegant.
  3. New Harmony is a pretty setting in the Fall and there are many places around town for photo opportunities.
  4. Their wedding was going to be no more than 100 people. The wedding ceremony set-up was easily flipped over to the reception without any issues.
  5. Chris (their contact and coordinator of the Granary) was easy to work with and delivered on all promises.
  6. They had the ability to bring in their own caterer.

Shayna and Ricky visit New Harmony yearly and the Granary holds several wonderful memories for them.  They get their picture taken every year in the spot where they got married in hopes that in 40 years from now those pictures will help them tell their life story from where their journey first began as husband and wife.

Would you like more information on haveng your own ceremony and/or reception at the Granary?  Contact Chris Laughbaum at:  812-682-3050

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