During your visit to Utopia, there are many varied and interesting ways to participate in the arts.   The New Harmony Writers Workshop is an evolution of a celebrated program of the University of Southern Indiana.  Each year, participants engage with poets, writers, and authors come to New Harmony to workshop their talents together. The workshop includes craft lectures, manuscript conferences, and small group working sessions for paid registrants but many of the readings and receptions are open to the public.

This year’s schedule has just been published and includes events all over New Harmony June 21-26.  Click on some of the links below to learn more about the people and places engaged in the 2015 New Harmony Writers Workshop:

NHWW at a Glance*
The events listed below are free & open to the public!

Sunday, June 21
6:30 p.m. — Ross Gay reading (Bayou Conference Center)

Monday, June 22
7 p.m. — Andrew Meredith & Robert James Russell reading (Sara’s Harmony Way)

Tuesday, June 23
10 a.m. — Robert James Russell editing & publishing lecture (Barn Abbey)
1 p.m. — Stuart Dybek fiction craft lecture (Barn Abbey)
3 p.m. — Andrew Meredith nonfiction exercises (Barn Abbey)
7 p.m. — Phillip B. Williams & Rebecca Gayle Howell reading (Gallery of Contemporary Art)

Wednesday, June 24
4:30 p.m. — Rebecca Gayle Howell translation session (Barn Abbey)
7 p.m. — Ada Limón reading (Working Men’s Institute)

Thursday, June 25
10 a.m. — Ross Gay nature writing session (Barn Abbey)
1 p.m. — Ada Limón poetry craft lecture (Barn Abbey)
3 p.m. — Phillip B. Williams poetry exercises (Barn Abbey)

Friday, June 26
6 p.m. — Stuart Dybek closing reading (Atheneum)

* Schedule Subject to Change