For years my wife and I dreamed of starting our own business. When we finally came up with the business plan we moved from Louisville, Kentucky to New Harmony to make it happen. Here are 3 reasons I encourage everyone to start their business in this amazing community.

1. Loyal Customers — When we started our business we projected the majority of Sales would come through our online store. Selling to locals and tourists via a brick & mortar storefront was supposed to be the gravy. Man, we were wrong! Right from the start we saw customers coming to us from 50 miles away. Even more impressive, we could see their enthusiasm for our business. They didn’t just come to buy something new; they came to let us know they were rooting for us… that they want us to be successful. Three years later most of these people are still our customers, driving from Illinois, Kentucky, and Southwest Indiana — and now they’ve told their family and friends who then told their family and friends. We continue to see year-over-year sales growth in the 25% – 35% range at our storefront on Main Street.

2. Cheap Rent — New Harmony is a role model to most of America when it comes to Architectural preservation. As a result there are lots of truly beautiful buildings with authentic character and charm. The market demand for these buildings is still relatively low so the cost of buying one is a fraction of what it would cost just about anywhere else. You can buy or rent a fantastic space for hundreds of dollars less per month than in Evansville and probably a thousand dollars less per month than Indianapolis.

3. Quality of Life — Building a business is hard work. It’s a sacrifice. And it can really put stress on marriage and family. Keeping everyone feeling positive is a big part of success and this is where New Harmony truly shines. Live here and say goodbye to the daily commute and wasted hours fighting suburban sprawl. When you have free time there are always things to do without getting in you car: live music, art galleries, guest speakers, festivals large and small, parties, wine tastings, fine dining, taverns, wine bar, bike trails, hiking, boating and kayaking, great conversations with neighbors, amazing public gardens… the list seemingly never ends. In New Harmony you can work hard and play often.