Mark and Kristen had decided to get married in New Harmony mid-summer.  They knew that they were going to have a 2 hour gap in-between the ceremony and reception.  So, they spoke with the owners of Bliss Artisan Ice Cream about offering a unique wedding favor.  When the guests arrived for the wedding ceremony, instead of receiving a wedding program, they received one coupon a piece for a free scoop of ice cream.  The guests loved it!  Instead of going straight to the reception and waiting around they were able to try one of the many scrumptious flavors that Bliss makes daily.  Bliss is a great example of how working with local shop owners in New Harmony can make the small details of a wedding stand out.  Did you know that The Golden Rose makes homemade, gourmet chocolates?  Or that Sara’s Harmony Way caters and has a wine bar?  Think outside of the box when planning for that downtime from the ceremony to the reception; your guests will thank you!