With so much great food and drink in New Harmony, getting in a rigorous workout is vital to your health. Thankfully the New Harmony Inn offers an exceptional fitness facility decked out with all the modern exercise equipment you need.

Having been a “road warrior” for a few decades I know many hotels throw a treadmill in a closet and say they have a fitness center. That’s not the case at the Inn. Their Fitness Center has great Treadmills, Bikes, and Ellipticals along with Machine Weights and Loose Weights. Plus the room is generous — those with claustrophobic tendencies have no worries.

For those of you who make personal fitness a high priority — the “hard core” — I think you will be more than pleased with New Harmony Inn’s fitness facility. It’s also a perfect spot for people like me who take a more casual approach, basically trying to burn enough calories to counterbalance that glass of wine and Creme Brulee I know I’ll be wolfing down later in the day.

When visiting New Harmony be ready to enjoy life. If staying at the New Harmony Inn bring along some workout gear so your body can keep up with your mind and spirit.