There is going to be an amazing musical event at the corner of Main and Tavern in downtown New Harmony this coming Saturday, at 6:30 pm. It will feature Molly Felder handling vocals, with Mickey Grimm on drums, Carl Rodenberg on keyboards, and his brother Mike on upright bass. It’s free and open to the public, and will follow the first day of the Golden Raintree Antique Show, produced by the New Harmony Business Associates.

Molly Felder will be singing.

Folks who visited New Harmony in the last 10 years probably remember meeting Molly Felder in the coffee shop she ran with her sister Laura while raising her son Grafton along with husband, Mickey Grimm.

What those folks might not have realized was that Molly is the vital female half of the group Swan Dive, who have released albums to acclaim since 1997, and what they almost certainly didn’t know is that Mickey is a well known session drummer in Nashville, having recorded with Over the Rhine, Bonepony, and many others.

Add to them the well-known Evansville area jazz duo, brothers Carl and Mike Rodenburg, and you’ve got a potent potential for some hot jazz, bossa nova, and all around rockin’ good music!

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