Cooks on Brewery Bed and Breakfast is named after the family that built the home that houses the B&B. If you didn’t know that bit of history, you would think it was named for Jonathon and David’s culinary skills.

My friends and I were their guests for breakfast last week. What a wonderful experience. Great conversation, flowing coffee, wonderful fruit parfaits to start out with…..and then the main course….Eggs in a Cloud. Jonathon described it as a savory merengue. I’ve never heard a merengue described as savory, but this definitely was with bacon, red pepper and green onion incorporated into the egg whites. The egg yolks were placed in the middle and then it was baked a bit in the oven. It was certainly heavenly -creative-beautifully plated and extremely tasty.

How talented they are – and even better, they will share their talent by hosting birthday parties or perhaps other small celebrations around their table. Or better yet, book a stay at their beautiful place. It is a two hour drive from St Louis, Louisville and Nashville. Yet another great reason to visit New Harmony.