June 12 (Wednesday) @ 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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 An Invitation To Share: Free Public Reading at Sara’s Harmony Way

NEW HARMONY, IN — On Wednesday, June 13th, 2019, writers from around the country will share a bit of their hearts, souls, and imaginations with a Free Public Reading at Sara’s Harmony Way. The event, which runs from 5-8pm, will also feature an open mic for local writers who want to share their work.

The reading will feature writers attending the 8th Annual West of the Moon Retreat from as far away as Washington, Colorado, and New York, and as close as Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana. The writers work in various genres including children’s literature, creative nonfiction, memoir, literary fiction, poetry and more. 

Ever since it was founded nearly 300 years ago, New Harmony has been a destination for thinkers and artists, scientists and scholars; for people searching for mental, emotional, and spiritual balance or harmony.

“New Harmony offers the isolation needed for creating art,” says Dave DeGolyer, co-facilitator of West of the Moon Retreat, “yet it also offers us a chance to share in and to build a community of like-minded peers. The laid back atmosphere and quiet natural spaces provide the perfect setting for contemplation, meditation, inspiration, and creative exploration. And Sara’s adds another layer: a fun and inviting, yet safe venue where we can share our stories, our words, and ourselves with the local community.”

West of the Moon (WOTM) has become a home to creatives from IN, TN, KY, OH, FL, NY, WA, CO, CA, MS, VT; writers from varied backgrounds—including college instructors, writing mentors, fellowship and grant recipients, and winners of multiple awards for writing. Some have been touted in national media for their books, while others prefer to work out of the spotlight. The retreaters are also mixed media and visual artists, musicians, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers. There’s even a former monk (known for his exceptional nonfiction), homemakers, working mothers, and more.

“I love the reading night at Sara’s,” says yogi and nonfiction writer, Cat Reid. “It’s a treat to hear what all these talented people have written.”

“The West of the Moon public reading has become one of the highlights of our creative retreat,” adds co-facilitator Terry Price. “There is always a lot of laughter and a lot of talent, but also a lot of love shared during those hours. I can’t wait until this year’s time together sharing our words and our hearts.”

One of the reasons the event is such a highlight for retreaters is that local writers also come and share their work, allowing everyone to connect on a very personal level.

Writers from the 8th Annual West of the Moon Retreat are excited and honored to share their work with the local community at the free public reading at Sara’s Harmony Way on Wednesday, June 12th from 5-8pm. During the open-mic portion of the evening, local writers are encouraged to read (each writer will have approximately 5 minutes to share her/his work).

To learn more about West of the Moon Retreat, visit WestOfTheMoonRetreat.com.


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