October 9 (Wednesday) @ 9:00 am - October 11 (Friday) @ 4:00 pm

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Getting you comfortable . . .
October 9-11, 2019
9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

This really fun and informative workshop will cover the basic principles of oil painting and get you painting simple and easy to understand objects in a short time. The idea of this workshop is to get you comfortable with the process of painting. The class includes interesting and memorable discussions on all the basic elements of painting including, composition, massing, building form, light and shadow: and depending on your own style, knowing when a work is finished (learning how to not overwork your painting). Douglas delivers sound principles of painting that are an incredible foundation for your painting, and whether a beginner or a person who has never ever picked up a brush, it will make sense.

After the brief morning intro, a very hands-on approach to the class, gets students organized and preparing to
paint. Students will learn how to set up their palette with the basic colors and understand why this is helpful.
Douglas will overview his palette and concepts that his work entails and do a subsequent demonstration painting
throughout the next few days for each subject that the class paints. Sometimes the demo is a step by step
and sometimes the demo is done first and remains as an example you can follow and reference. There is nothing
to be afraid of or self conscious of and Douglas will get you through all the tricky parts and you will have

Students will work in their own style/technique so that the finished work is their own. Students will paint simple still lifes which include an egg, an apple, and something simple and graphic like a slice of watermelon. The workshop will walk you through a variety of subjects over our 3 day time frame. You will be exposed to floral still life, landscape and seascape. While we will paint from photos Douglas provides and simple studio set ups, it will give you an idea of all of the various types of painting subjects that are available. Depending on the skill level of each student, students are able to grow and develop at a rate that is to their comfort. Plan to produce a few small paintings and possibly one or two larger paintings. Plan to bring notebook/sketchbook and enjoy all the demos along with some great stories to help you remember these principles that are the foundation of Douglas’ teaching.


Hoosier Salon
507 Church St.
New Harmony, IN 47631 United States
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