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Firefly Festival 2023

Jun 16, 2023 @ 8:30 pm 10:00 pm CDT

Watching fireflies flicker is one of the most magical experiences a kid of any age can experience. These fascinating creatures come out for a brief time after dark during a season that lasts only a few weeks each year, but New Harmony has all the right conditions for fireflies to flourish, providing a home to hundreds of thousands (maybe even millions!) of the blinking beetles seeking mates.

The New Harmony Firefly Festival honors the state insect, Say’s Firefly, while providing opportunities to learn about it and other fireflies that call our area home.

Nature Specialist Amelia Wildeman from Harmonie State Park will lead a walking tour at 8:30 pm Friday night from the Atheneum Visitor’s Center down to where the fireflies come up from the low vegetation and the males soar up to 80 feet in the trees to begin the blinkfest that is their mating ritual. She will share her knowledge of fireflies along the way and even tell you how to spot fireflies in their larva stage.

We’ll also have golf carts with knowledgeable guides take you into the woods after dark for the best viewing of the fireflies putting on their show — nature’s fireworks. It has been described by past attendees as a “mind-blowing experience.” Hard to describe, almost impossible to capture with a camera, it’s something you must be present for. Relax and soak in the magic. Bring your kids. Feel like a kid again. Come enjoy one of life’s purest simple pleasures.

Plein air painters are invited to try to translate the sight to canvas.

The Festival continues on Saturday, June 17th with more activities.


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