New Harmony is keen on its botanicals, from kitchen plots to thinking spots. Even the meandering plants resting at the base of a stop sign: they’re everywhere and we love them all.

Our gardens are lush, offering a cool cave of green on a hot summer day. They are formal spaces devoted to poetry, art, philosophy, to a beloved daughter and a cathedral. And they are sidewalk patches with traded and handed-down flowers bringing color and nostalgia.

The gardening heritage in New Harmony runs deep, reaching back to the first utopian hopefuls, who cultivated kitchen gardens, beer crops, shade plantings and a shrub labyrinth. But the heartbeat of our green space is that of the late Jane Blaffer Owen (JBO), who protected, salvaged and tended beautiful growing things fiercely and with joy. She’s remembered in works of art—and local memory—with her hands in the soil and a basket nearby.

Among New Harmony’s gifts from Jane Owen are many free public gardens, all distinct in personality:

  • Cathedral Labyrinth – a beautiful, meditative experience, whether you walk, sit or listen to the water.
  • Carol’s Garden – this space is peaceful, cool and consoling.
  • Church Park – the fountain area offers a central resting place, and a posh spot for sunset parties. Just add champagne.
  • Harmonist Labyrinth – an unhurried journey to the central grotto is a New Harmony must-do for fun or focus.
  • Our Lords Woods and Tillich Park – enchanting, contemplative spaces just behind New Harmony Inn.

Best way to see them all: create your own day (or weekend) of green in New Harmony by searching for gardens on our mobile app or website and watch for the launch of a supported walking tour.

Watch your step: replanting and construction are part of honoring our garden heritage.

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