You remember spying bikes propped against the bank building. And one leaning on a post at the Inn.

So for this trip to utopia, you dug out your helmet and mounted the rack on the car. And after a slow lazy lap around New Harmony’s historic square mile–your first time on a bike in years–you said to yourself, “I’ve still got it.”

What’s so great about biking New Harmony?

Well, it’s scenic and safe. There’s healthy fresh air and the guilt-free order of bread pudding. Now you’re having fun dodging the gravelly spots where alleys meet pavement, and nodding to locals cutting their grass. It’s all part of being connected with the town: a heady sense of belonging that feels a little like riding the old neighborhood when you were a kid.

More than one way to bike utopia 

If you’re looking for a more serious workout, or training for the Harmony Hundred, there’s a challenge at the level, length and type of ride to suit. Enjoy the miles of trails that wind around and through town, out to the north-facing river view and to the west near the Atheneum. And check out even more trails in Harmonie State Park via the trail connecting the town to it.

Days and Ways to bike

There are rentable options, from a bicycle built for two, to a pedal-powered surrey that seats an extended family. Some overnight accommodations even offer one to borrow. The town-wide yard sale is the surest time to buy a bike and the auto, antique and art shows are all great weekends to ride them.

There’s a rumor that there are only ten bikes in town, and that they’re all just traded around. Not true!

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