New Harmony attracts the most interesting sorts. And not just from Indiana or the Midwest. Not even just from the U.S. Our modern Utopians come from everywhere. And they bring with them their own institutions and events, which gradually become part of the fabric of life in this unusual small town.

Over time, visionary villagers have created an astounding spectrum of “what to do” in New Harmony, much of which is free (or cheap!) or do-it-yourself. It’s the mishmash of ideas, energy and good humor that add up to some of the most connecting, surprising goings-on anywhere. Any season.  


  • July 4th reading of the Declaration of Independence, golf cart parade and FREE root beer
  • American Legion Memorial Day FREE breakfast
  • WMI Kids FREE Summer reading program
  • FREE Ice cream Sunday and sing-along at New Harmony Episcopal Church
  • Patio Jams at the Red Geranium: hang out and listen or grab a table for the cost of your dinner/drinks
  • Keck Gonnerman Antique Machinery Show: just $1 entrance fee CHEAP!
  • Book sale at WMI: not cheap or free, exactly, but interesting shopping and good value
  • Summer Music Festival with FREE pop-up concerts, plus really great contra dancing for a small fee
  • Antique Show where looking and collecting advice is always FREE


  • FREE Drawing Group with locals and drop-ins
  • Kunstfest: FREE music, history, culture, piles of pumpkins and other of affordable fun
  • Town-wide yard sale: good stuff CHEAP!
  • Day after Town-wide yard sale: no need to dumpster dive, everything at the curb is FREE! 


  • Harmonie Fest: FREE entertainment for the village and visitors
  • Christmas in New Harmony: FREE parade, tree lighting, mulled wine, roasted chestnuts plus CHEAP pancakes and the best Santa!
  • Artisans of the Lower Wabash: more authentic, affordable art and craft
  • Antiquarian Book & Paper Show
  • Community dinners CHEAP and worth every bite


  • New Harmony project: FREE public readings
  • Crosswalk on Good Friday
  • Paint Out: FREE kid’s painting workshop, bonfire, art show
  • FREE fishing day at Harmonie State Park
  • Town wide yard sale: same great FREE and CHEAP opportunities as the Fall sale
  • Arts in Harmony: FREE music and eye candy
  • Easter Egg Hunts: FREE to the public, and there are sometimes three of them!

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