For kids, New Harmony is an old-fashioned playplace in the nicest sort of way. There’s a reason people call it Mayberry. Just take a quick spin around town for a kids-eye-view, starting with a couple of our favorites.

At Maclure Park on Church Street, there’s nice basic playground equipment sprinkled around the park and a seriously magical two-story bandstand in the middle: it’s a solid shelter that feels like a castle. The upstairs is nearly perfect for dancing the gazebo scene from The Sound of Music, and the downstairs is the town’s food court for the annual July 4th community feed (another must-do.)

Playtopia is just what it sounds like: a kids’ utopia for all-age, unlimited play. Tucked in a shady spot by Murphy Park’s shelter house, the gigantic playground has a tot-lot, sand box, climbing area, slides of all sizes and a kid-sized New Harmony Main Street. It’s earned its reputation as an easy playdate and affordable (free!) birthday party spot with families around the tri-state.

If you bring along kites–and you should!– the Atheneum grounds offer uninterrupted grass and sky, with just a fringe of trees along the river. There’s plenty of real estate for a good running launch there. So whether you’ve got a fancy-tailed kite or one the kids made out of newspaper and dowel rods, you can get it off the ground. There’s also a nice sunset view to soak up while you undo knots at the end of the day.

Bonus: the gravel under the swings at Maclure Park is extra nice for fossil hunting.

Bonus: the Atheneum can also be an excellent bacci ball court, and you might just find a vintage set downtown.

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