They say people talk about the weather, but never do anything about it.

“Hot enough for you?” somebody says.

“Not just the heat…” is the reply.

“…it’s the humidity,” they agree, shake their heads and move on.

Like any Midwest river town, New Harmony has its share of muggy days. But when summer’s in full tilt, we don’t suffer. In fact, we’ve rewritten the conversation entirely with loads of cool diversion, both indoors and out. Join us…

For starters, book your tickets for the summer theatre and music festival seasons for remarkable entertainment, comfy seats and great AC. Ahhh! And no extra charge for the wonder of New Harmony’s low-hanging stars after the show.

You can cool off with a lingering, self-paced tour of Richard Meier’s athenaeum. Just perfect for the readers or latent architects in your crew, who never seem to have enough time to let it all sink in.

Soak up the color (or do some serious retail therapy) in any direction from Church and Main. You could actually knock out your Christmas shopping way early with a no-stress hunting trip through all the new shops you’ve been meaning to get to.

  • Wade in the river or launch your kayak at the Old Dam.
  • Enjoy the silence and cool cave qualities of Carol’s Garden or Tillich.
  • Create a breezy golfcart tour under the town’s lush Tree City canopy.
  • Charm your friends into helping peddle a surrey with the promise of artisan ice cream or a cold craft beer.

Must-do Summertime Treat:  

Hand’s down, it’s New Harmony’s Independence Day celebration. Any description would be inadequate, so you’ll have to take our advice: wear red, white and blue, come early and stay late.

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