There’s nothing like an oom-pah band to bring people out for those last sunshiny days before the frost.

New Harmony’s Kunstfest (not to worry, the pronunciation trips everybody up) is just one of the reasons to swing through our town as the leaves are starting to think about turning.

Most years we’re astounded at the unseasonably warm weather and happy crowds our fall festival attracts. But we secretly love it when the third weekend in September also brings a barely-there chill, especially at day’s end when the shadows are long.

That nip in the air ushers in a distinct and much-loved season we call Sweater Weather.

Much of what’s attractive about New Harmony comes back to the fact that everybody’s outside a lot. So in early fall, keeping a sweater handy to toss in your bike basket (or on the golf cart or tie around your shoulders if you’re feeling jaunty) is just good sense in a place where there’s lots of luxurious shade and the river breeze blows through.

Some of our favorite Sweater Weather events:

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