Let’s say you’re planning a first date and you’re wondering if a picnic is too quaint or schmaltzy or entirely too much trouble.

Our answer? None of the above.

A picnic, especially the unplanned variety, is one part imagination, one part creative make-do and the rest is just being in the moment: all stuff that’s good for our souls. There’s character in packing food—no matter how humble or grand—and hauling it toward the sunset (or even just to the picnic table right by the parking lot). And in New Harmony it’s so easy, with assorted food, drink and treat options and out-of-the-way spots to plunk down and soak up the sky, outdoor art, the river or some silence.

So don’t worry too much about details. You’ll have the drive to New Harmony to relax and decide: where you want to go (the river? a labyrinth? a garden?) and what you want to add to your basket (champagne? a strawberry milk Chug? waxed paper pack of chicken gizzards? one domed entrée for two, no forks?) We can assemble your feast or easily fill in the gaps.

Just hop in the car and head our way.  Tell your date New Harmony said it’s no trouble at all.

The cherry on top: go treasure-hunting for a take home vintage find—like an all-in-one picnic basket with matching tiny thermos and plates or a set of those high-style metal cups that feel cool in the heat—from one of our great local shopkeepers who love picnics as much as you do.

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