New Harmony has an enduring and not-so-secret romantic truth:  it really is easier to fall in love in Utopia.

Visiting lovebirds and others will tell you about their defining experiences here…the romantic moments that originally connected them as a couple to the place. Maybe they met working out the two-part harmony on a great blues riff at a Thursday night Community House jam. Or laughed themselves silly riding a bicycle built-for-two on a nervous first date. Or tiptoed out of a perfectly good concert at intermission to spend a few more minutes together under the stars.

Seriously, these things happen.

And based on sheer volume of engagements and weddings in town, New Harmony has earned a respectable reputation as a top Midwest spot to pop the question. We think we might know why:

New Harmony’s Sense-sational Romance Factors

  • It’s easy to slow down and natural to hold hands in a place where you can walk right into the past
  • There’s no need for small talk where a wild winding river meets world class architecture
  • Just watching the evening firefly show can be a very romantic night cap
  • The Atheneum stairs offer a prime spot to watch an orange sun drop into the Wabash River
  • A white moon against our ink-black night sky is breathtaking and it invites a nice long pause
  • There’s almost always something blooming and fragrant in our cool public gardens

So make it easy on yourself. You can block out a plan with theatre tickets, a table at the Red or a reservation at a B&B (that just might loan you their bikes).  Or you can take your chances and just stop in.

Either way, we promise not to run out of romance.

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