Build some flexibility into your winter trip to Utopia because you’ll want to get snowed in.

Among the winter favorites listed by locals, being the first on new snow in the historic district with a camera rates near the top. Seriously, a tiny golf cart town with lots of intentional outdoor spaces, a winding river, open-air art, gnarly old trees, soaring architecture and a village of log cabins is hard to beat for winter photography.

Everything else is about playing in the snow:

  • a snowball fight at the Harmonist cemetery
  • snow angels at the Roofless Church
  • a nice tidy snowman rolled on the Chartres granite labyrinth: no dirt!
  • pulling the kids on an old red sled from your doorstep right to the sledding hill

Strap on cross country skis and glide over to the Yellow Tavern for some grilled bologna and a beer; just prop your equipment by the door. Then pick up hot chocolate at the coffee shop before you dig your car out and head for home.

BYO: because it doesn’t snow a lot or often, bring your own gear, plus a sketch pad, camera, and an outstanding winter hat.


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