Visitors and locals say their blood pressure falls when they come down the hill (or around the curve) into New Harmony. It’s liberating to ditch the car and go on foot, even for just a couple of days. And surprising how much you notice at a slower clip: like the patchwork architecture, the nice people, the astounding public art. There’s much to absorb, but no reason to hurry.

For a Midwest town, New Harmony does a respectable job embracing winter. In the coldest months we hibernate off and on. So, when the air gets crispy, feel free to hunker down in a cozy spot and just listen to the town clock chime.

And when you’re up for it, there’s stuff to explore and plenty of community just inside the steamed up windows: play a game of pool at the local Legion or do a lazy book-browse at the Workingman’s Institute. Try your luck with a pick-up game of Scrabble at the coffee shop. The white on white of a snowy day inside Richard Meier’s Athenaeum is magnificent.

Back on North Street, you can warm your feet at the Inn’s great room fireplace. They say it’s ok even if you’re not staying there. 

  • GOOD TO KNOW: winter hours are limited, but good food, spirits, art and interesting people are abundant
  • BYO: deck of cards, Scrabble board, sketch pad
  • WHAT YOU DON’T NEED: an impressive CV

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