I am SO looking forward to New Harmony’s Spring Fling, happening on the weekend of the Vernal Equinox (March 21 and 22) in the historic Ribeyre Gym.

There will be hand made crafts and homemade goodies, high-quality antiques and other collectibles, a veritable potpourri of locally made & repurposed arts and craft items. When you combine all of this with the galleries, shops, and restaurants offered in the unique, utopian village of New Harmony, you’ve got a winning weekend trip.

The main things attracting me to the event will be the sinfully rich and incredibly varied types of locally-made fudge offered by 3 Chicks Fudgery (Red Velvet fudge? Oh, yeah.), and the repurposed pallet crafts, which give a really classy spin to the entire notion of “reuse.” These are just my faves; you may find other things more interesting. I hear fresh kettle corn and pork rinds will be available. And there’s no shortage of wonderful, jaw-dropping crafts to see: handcrafted gourds, handmade goat milk soap and bees wax lotions, handmade purses, baby afghans, origami owl lockets (I can’t wait to see what those look like!), and much more.

This will be a great weekend to shake off cabin fever. Check out www.visitnewharmony.com to get information on accommodations, food, and all the amazing things New Harmony offers.