Textile Class
Shibori with Indigo

New Harmony, Indiana 402 North St, New Harmony

The Raintree Cottage Textile School invites you to a textile dyeing experience. In this Shibori with Indigo class, you will learn an ancient Japanese tie-dyeing technique that uses indigo. You will design your own unique textiles in blue and white. To register, email or call (812) 243-4139.

Batik Class

Raintree Cottage Textile School 336 Steammill Street, New Harmony

In this Batik class at Raintree Cottage Textile School, you will learn to use wax resist and de to create linear patterns or drawings of your choice before dyeing the fabric. The result is one of a kind designs! To register, email or call (812) 243-4139.

FROM New Harmony

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