Though the main body of the festival and school take place annually in July with concerts, a community dance, and much more, there are events throughout the year, so check the website and Facebook page for details on upcoming events.

Envisioned by its creative director Chris Layer, “this summer music school and music festival would embrace both classical and traditional “musics”: a place where musicians, students, and music appreciators could immerse themselves in an environment free from the strictures of label style or category and explore the common threads and roots of acoustic music from these two traditions. Words like passion, tradition, acoustics, color, and virtuosity always come to mind when folks speak of classical chamber music and traditional music, but how often do we encounter these two wonderful “branches” in the tree of music side-by-side in a concert hall or theater?

Having lived with my feet in both worlds for so long I feel that now is the time to celebrate the very real trend that exists among classical and traditional musicians today towards a common language, a shared body of technique, and an acoustic performance aesthetic within the context single festival and attendant summer music school.”

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