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The Wolf house is not in its original state; an identical harmonist brick home, the Eiger house, once stood here. Soloman Wolf was a shepherd, and his house was originally located next to the sheep barns.When the 60-ton Wolf House (c.1819-1822) was moved to this site by Historic New Harmony, Incorporated in 1975, the bricks had been sandblasted in order to clean them and were crumbling. Historic New Harmony turned all the bricks around in order to save them.

It is an excellent example of a typical Harmonist brick home, with three rooms on each floor, an attic, and a root cellar. The curved brick ledge near the ground on the exterior is for water control; the Harmonists did not have gutters. The water would hit the ledge and splash away from the walls and the foundation. Around frame houses they would place stones under the drip line. Grape trellises were also used to divert water.

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