Known  primarily  as  an  abstract  expressionist  painter,  Tobi  Kahn’s  New  Harmony  piece  is  his  first  major  commissioned  sculpture in 1993.  Jane  Blaffer  Owen  and  Kahn  identified  the  location  for  the  piece,  responding  to  the  proximity  of  the  Wabash  River.  Located next to the Macleod Barn Abbey, this gleaming bronze figure stands within a 12 foot high rose granite arch. Several small stones are placed nearby for meditation. New York artist and Jewish Rabi Tobi Kahn was The  bronze  figure  within  the  South  Dakota  pink  granite  shelter  was  first  carved  in  wood.  It  was  then  cast  in  Chicago,  Illinois.  The  title  of  the  piece,  Shalev,  comes  from  the  combination  of  two  words:  sha,  meaning  peace;  and  lev,  meaning  heart.  Shalev  has  been  featured  in  publications  around  the  world.  Many  people  have  found  a  romantic  aspect  to  the  work  and  have  been  married  in  front  of  the  piece. Kahn’s  stated  intent  is  to  involve  the  viewer  with  the  art  so  that  they  bring  their  own  interpretations  to  the  piece.  Kahn’s  philosophy  is  that  art  is  healing  and  transformative.

This piece is also featured in Historic New Harmony’s free mobile phone audio tour which will lead you to all public art in New Harmony with audio descriptions and locating services. This tour can be used by clicking the link on your smartphone.

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