Thrall’s Opera House

612 E. Church St., New Harmony, Indiana 47631

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Originally built by the Harmonists as the fourth and last dormitory, it was completed shortly before they departed New Harmony in 1824. The Owen-Maclure community used the space for a variety of purposes from a multi-family dwelling, to a warehouse, to a venue for hosting lectures and dances. In 1859, the structure was purchased by the New Harmony Dramatic Association and renamed Union Hall. The building was transformed into a theater and was home to a famous local acting company, the Golden Troupe. In 1888, Eugene Thrall became the sole owner and the theater was renamed Thrall’s Opera House. For a short time from 1911 to 1913, the Opera House was a nickelodeon movie house until it was purchased in 1914 and turned into a gas station and garage. In 1964, the space was purchased by the Harmonie Associates, who persuaded the state of Indiana to purchase, restore, and maintain the site.

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